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Intensely Personal Stories of Life-changing Experiences

New Book by Dr. Cristina Biaggi

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE GODDESS: Personal Stories, by Cristina Biaggi

Some experience the Goddess in giving birth or while walking in a cornfield. Some see Her in living waters, others in the form of a peacock, a bobcat or another human being. Some hear the Goddess as a voice or a piece of music, while others see Her as a symbol or a concept. She gives strength and courage, love and acceptance. She provides encouragement and support.

This book is the story of my own coming to the Goddess and how this transformed my life and work as well as a compilation of Goddess stories provided by women and men from many walks of life.

So begins Cristina Biaggi's Introduction to IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE GODDESS:
Personal Stories.

Dr. Biaggi describes her book as a recording of when and how she and others came to this important discovery and how it affected their lives. ÒI believe this sort of examination and telling of womenÕs and menÕs stories is important, especially now, because it reveals a deep spiritual yearning which cannot be ignored.Ó

In 1996 Dr. Biaggi was invited to lecture about her first book, HABITATIONS OF THE GREAT GODDESS at a womenÕs spirituality conference in Mankato, Minnesota. She was astounded to learn that this conference which began in 1984 with 20 participants attracted more than 900 attendees that year and each of them had a fascinating personal story to tell.

I believe we are entering a period that is receptive to the Goddess and Her unique power.
Belief in the Goddess brings us back to our roots, when women were equal to men. I find that people who use Goddesses as a metaphor for their own lives have enormous spiritual depth.

Dr. Cristina Biaggi is respected and beloved for the extraordinary energy, intelligence, warmth, and sensitivity she brings to all she does. She says she draws strength from her studies of the female deity of the early Neolithic and Paleolithic peoples of Europe and Asia.

Dr. Biaggi's studies of Goddess sites throughout Malta and the Shetland and Orkney islands off Scotland led her to write the highly acclaimed HABITATIONS OF THE GREAT GODDESS, an exploration of Goddess cultures on the island of Malta and on the Orkney and Shetland islands north of Scotland.


Edited and illustrated by Cristina Biaggi / Foreword by Starhawk
Knowledge, Ideas & Trends, Inc., Manchester, CT
176 pages, 5-1/42 x 72, 50 original illustrations / $20.00 cloth / ISBN:1-87198-30-4
Spirituality / New Age / Women1s Studies

Knowledge, Ideas & Trends
1131-0 Tolland Turnpike, Manchester, CT 06040

What the Critics Said:


Jared Diamond, author of GUNS, GERMS AND STEEL, 1998 Pulitzer Prize winner:
"Epiphany, now that's a subject I can tell you about. So begins one of the dozens of actual life stories recounted in this book -- stories of women and men who discovered how to refocus their lives. While their experiences were very varied, all of their stories are intense, heartfelt, moving, and profound. With this new book, Cristina Biaggi, author of HABITATIONS OF THE GREAT GODDESS, has now done us a great service by showing the power of ideas to breathe new life into each of us."

Margot Adler, author of DRAWING DOWN THE MOON and HERETIC'S HEART:
"Cristina Biaggi has gathered together an extraordinary circle of women (and some men) and allowed us to eavesdrop as they recount their poetic, illuminating and deeply moving stories of meeting the Goddess. One of the best things about this book is the variety of people and experiences. The goddesses encountered come from every corner of the world and from a multitude of religious traditions; the writers include the famous and the less well known. Some accounts, like Sandra Barnhouseís tale of meeting the Goddess in a field of corn, took my breath away. What a treat to have at your bedside. There are passages here you will want to read aloud to your closest friends."

Carol P. Christ, author of REBIRTH OF THE GODDESS and DIVING DEEP
"A welcome documentation of the birth pangs of a new spiritual awakening. The rebirth of the ancient religion of the Goddess is one of the most important religious phenomena of the last century!"