The Poetry and Writings of Janine Canan

Feminist focus into ancient art, prehistory, Goddess and tribal cultures, uncovering what turned out to be an ancient, continuous sacred female lineage dating back as far as human memory reaches. Check out the amazing Motherpeace Tarot deck.

Edge of Wonder
Edge of Wonder is a tour company specializing in women's tours to ancient sacred sites.

KIT Women's Links
Find just about anything for and about Women's Issues.

Find information about Starhawk books, current and past activities, many of Starhawks articles and unpublished writings, links to related groups and organizations, and resources for activists about Women's Spirituality.

Goddess Women
The Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, International (RCG-I) is a multi-tradition women's religion. Members embrace a variety of spiritual paths, the common element among them being a belief in female divinity and a commitment to positive spiritual practice.

The oldest officially recognized women's religion in the United States, as well as the largest with affiliated circles and solitary members from around the world.

Isle of Avalon
Glastonbury is a rather unique small town with a heritage of learning and pilgrimage. Today it is a mecca for people seeking answers for the future, and it's home to many interesting people too. Tool around this portal to see what it's all about.

One of the Founding Mothers of the Women's Spirituality Movement.

Catal Høyük
This Web site is designed for those interested in the ongoing excavations at Çatalhöyük, Turkey. Its aim is to provide information about the activities of the Project and of the different aspects of the research being conducted at Çatalhöyük.

Discussion with the Goddess community
Dicussions and responses about research being conducted at Çatalhöyük.

California Institute of/for Integral Studies
The Women's Spirituality Program- dedicated to the liberation of women's spirits, minds, and bodies- is one of the first accredited graduate programs in women's spirituality in the world.

Live Aloha! It is a choice you have
Legends of Pele, Goddess of Volcanic fire: Jealousy Causes Pele Regretful Act of Wrath, Pele Left Bora-Bora to Make a Home in Hawaii, Pele Will Play Invited or Not, Fire and Ice: Pele and Poliahu, Pele Loses Lover to Her Sister Hi`iaka, Kamehameha Empowered by Appeasing Pele.

Goddess Knotwork: Resources
Lots of links are listed here, from occult cults to genuine gems and some of our personal favorites. Surfer beware, however, some sites are obsolete.

Warrior Women of Eurasia
Evidence from 50 Sauromatian nomads' burial mounds near the Kazakhstan border in Russia reveal remains of well-regarded women warriors from 600 B.C. to A.D.= 150.

The Megalithic Temples of Malta
The megalithic temples of Malta, dating from 5500 years ago, are the oldest free standing stone structures of the world. This web site contains more than 400 web pages of information about the prehistoric sites on the islands of Malta and Gozo.


Archaeology Magazine

Center of the Study of Architecture/archaeology

Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe
ARGE Chronological Index

Rock Art links - Petroglyphs

Rock Art and Petroglyphs in Valcamonica

 Celebrating an Island Heritage
Research validating Malta's ancient egalitarian temple-building heritage.